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These Futuristic Cars Actually Exist

Only recently has there been an urge to make a car look like it’s something out of the past. As the power of nostalgia starts to overtake design, there are still car designers out there who still look forward in the hopes of creating a car that seems both out of this time and yet inevitable, the future of automobile design. Before computer companies and investors decided to get into the car game, automotive companies were one of the chief technology companies with their cars fueling innovation and glimpses into the future. There are some designers, though, that when it comes to finding a car of the future they go hard in the paint. They go out of their way to create a car that looks like it’s out of this world. It can take the form of examining the number of wheels a car has or as complex as rethinking the wheel entirely, using omnidirectional wheels that allow the car to move in any direction. Some look towards a future based on where we are now and some build their vision of the future on the future imagined at different times in the past. Regardless of whether it’s clean smooth lines or crazy wings and teardrops one thing is common among them all, they certainly stand out. If you’re looking for cars that will take you to the future without having to go 88 mph then we have a list for you. What car do you think would be at home in space? Let us know in the comments and while you’re there be sure to like and subscribe for the latest videos in your inbox.

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Clinton Conyer
Edited by: Pablo Di Leva

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00:10:00 Low Res
01:08:09 Mike Vetter Extra Terrestrial Vehicle
02:02:01 Aptera 2e/EV
03:12:02 Eliica
04:14:00 GM EcoJet
05:13:27 Dobberton Surface Orbiter
06:26:02 Mercedes Benz VIsion AVTR
07:14:09 Ford GT90
08:19:19 GM Firebird III
09:09:25 Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor
10:11:18 SSC Tuatara
10:52:02 Lotus Evija
11:28:28 Gordon Murray T.50
12:11:24 GFG Style Kangaroo
12:57:05 Lit Motors C-1
13:48:28 Volkswagen XL1
14:38:04 GM EV-1
15:33:11 DELAHAYE USA Bugnotti
16:12:20 Vector W2
16:58:26 Sterling/Nova
17:43:07 Lightyear One
18:34:08 Tesla Cybertruck
19:20:15 BMW i8

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