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Inside The Most Luxurious Castles In The World

Inside The Most Luxurious Castles In The World

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Inside Dubai's $200 Million Dollar Mega Mansion

Inside Dubai’s $200 Million Dollar Mega Mansion

Dubai’s home to some of the richest people on the planet! Their homes are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and these are the most over the top luxurious mansions in the whole middle east! Subscribe for more amazing videos!…

Inside Eminem's $100 Million Dollar Mansion

Inside Eminem’s $100 Million Dollar Mansion

Eminem is a household name, made famous by Slim Shady aka Marshall Mathers who’s one of the world’s most famous

Inside Drake's $100 Million Dollar Mansion

Inside Drake’s $100 Million Dollar Mansion

Drake may have started at the bottom, but he’s almost made his way to the The millionaire rapper might not be a billionaire yet, but that didn’t stop him from spending $100 million on a brand new custom-designed estate…