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In the beautiful capital of Luxembourg, renowned for its charm and comfort and where luxury boutiques fill the streets, one house as prestigious as leather makers helmets and Louis Vuitton, has set up a new boutique in the heartof the city : Lancel.

It’s the name and history of a Parisian house established in 1876, under the guidance of Alfonse and Angele Lancel, first making pipes then as a retail business, that quickly evolved into the out of accessories and gifts. With the next Lancel generation, the brand became a reference in the world of luxury, with silverware products and dinnerware services in 1920 and timepieces in 1921. Not forgetting automatic lighters, that light up with a simple push a small revolution that won the grand prize at the Art & Technical Expo of Modern Life in 1937 and reinforced their status.

Between foldable umbrellas, umbrella bags and makeup mirrors many clever and luxurious articles of theirs were great successes. The first travel products appeared in 1926 and became the guiding product of the house of Lancel. In 1956 the first shoulder bags appeared. 1987, was the year the bucket bag was reinvented and became the mythical Elser model while in 1997, the house of Lancel entered the comforting arms of the Richmont group. Today, after 140 years of existence this beautiful accessories brand is going through a phase of renewal under the leadership and enthusiasm of its franco-american creative director, Nicole Stulman, who started out at Burberry and Dior among others and who wants to restore Lancel nobility as a jewel of parisian chic. The very dynamic and playful young lady has already begun to purify the style of the collections with the launch of a bag, perfectly corresponding to the new image of Lancel. The Charlie bag, created in 2014 and inspired by the vintage Lancel bags of the 1960s. The Charlie bag has the simplicity of lines to always be chic, detail finishes to perfection and many inside pockets, perfectly adapted to the life of a modern woman. A new icon representative of Lancel expertise with richly grained leather, beautiful thick material to be durable to age and to soften with beauty. A buffalo skin turned in espelette an exceptional French tannery, which dyes the skins and refines this work by spraying it during the finishing phase.

Then it’s at San Daniele in Veneto thatthe Charlie bag is assembled. More than two Buffalo skins of 1.80 metres in length with 37 elements and four weeks of work are required to put it all together. A reference model that was sold out only ten days after its launch in boutiques. Today, without a doubt it’s mini version is a huge success. Grained leather revealed stitching, sharkskin, bison, painted Python, crocodile, crocodile leather. It was as early as 1910 at Lancel that leather, especially exotic leather, took on great importance in accessories. The work of the material is found in all forms and is a specific expertise to the house that can be appreciated on the bag itself, like on the jewel model in Python and smooth leather. Beauty of the skins, impeccable finishes Lancel expertise has often been compared to Hermes, in its past and there’s a good Reason.

In 2000 the premiere float bag was a huge success. Today, the buckets bank remains the preferred model of young women, which is why the new version of a bag created for the first time in 1927. The reet has been unveiled. Ultra practical, modern and rock, it to blends with all types of skins and bright colors to always be trendy.

For example the multicolored rainbow Python and smooth calf skinโ€ฆ Or soft green camel calf skin with its straps, that give it different ways to be worn. We love it’s little discreet Pocket in which to slip a small case that can serve as a key or money holder. What we know is at Paris Luxembourg or elsewhereโ€ฆ Lancel offers the chance to customize your bag. Whether it’s a nuance, color choice or using different skins, everything is possible with expert advice, to personalize one of the many models offered. Like this 70s inspired Bianca bag for example. the Lancel bag should be worn by you, that’s really where it makes its mark.

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