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Lafont – Poets of glasses – LUXE.TV

Lafont – Poets of glasses – LUXE.TV

** Lovis Lafont, The House Lafont

They can make or break your look, they are essential to some, and give character to others. Glasses are an intimate object and have to be of quality. A luxury object with well researched shapes. An essential design object.

Welcome to The Lafont family, poets of glasses… Matthieu Lafont loves to paraphrase a quote by Saint-Exupéry: it’s truly useful, because it’s beautiful. Here are glasses that are useful since they are pretty… The house of Lafont, is a family business where the luxury of glasses is French and only French. We slide into their Parisian creative workshop to discover the secrets of their glasses that have a touch of soul…

The average age of the creative studio is less than thirty; it is a young team, but it is also a team that is loyal, some employees have been with the company for more than 30 years, and that means a lot. Here they work in a true family spirit. The history of the company started in Paris during the roaring twenties in a small boutique of an acoustician and optician that saw the rise of the Lafont dynasty, in the 8th district on Rue Vignon. A dynasty that has been dedicated to glasses for the past 90 years. The second key period started in the 70s: the descendants, Philippe and Laurence Lafont decided to revolutionise the world of glasses, black or scaled, faded and without form; colour takes over thanks to the stylish Madame Lafont, who gives a trendy look to the glasses.

Then comes the idea to create a true brand, a distribution company and style associate and four decades later, Lafont stands out like a true designer’s brand that includes collaborations with Chanel or Hermès. And frames worn by fashionistas from rue Cambon or the most eccentric stars like Lady Gaga…..with, as the leitmotiv, always more colour. Today, for the creation, everything is imagined in the design studio at Issy-Les-Moulinaux. Everything starts with a pencil stroke and a drawing. A work that is completely artisanal and really creates all its charm. In the continuity of the artistic work initiated by his mother, Thomas Lafont perpetuates a style, while constantly adapting it to the tastes of today. At the rate of two collections per year, for men, women and children. On one collection, there are 25 even 30 colours, metal and acetate, that are developed in parallel… A surprising detail is that they always work on the drawing of a half pair of glasses to avoid any symmetry problems.

They use a photocopier to complete the frame for perfect symmetry. An amusing detail is that if a pair of glasses weighs on average 30 grams, they use no less than 28 tons of acetate per year to make the major part of some 330,000 models that are released each year. Design for glasses, yes, but also the filming of an ad campaign, everything is created in house! A Perfect example: the tennis court for sporty inspired frames… Same for the showcase windows created in the heart of the house, and the ideas found in the lost cave of Alibaba, hidden in the back of the workshop! To react flexibly, especially since it is a French company that works on the manufacturing side with the Lafont family. Two companies that have grown together and that are intimately linked, with a true tradition and a partnership that has no equivalent in the world of glasses.Quality control, a requirement of the company.

All Lafont glasses that are sold by an optician have passed through the offices of Issy-Les-Moulinaux, before being despatched all over the world, in nearly 40 countries, from Japan to Russia via the United States. Of these thousands of glasses received daily, surveys are carried out, to complete the checks carried out at the factory.It is a luxury and it is often forgotten, Lafont also manages the after-sales service: each lost screw or broken arm is replaced… At Lafont, glasses are an art. People who love what they do for a sincere product, in love with well finished glasses…A policy that pays: today, with 234 colours, 80% of which are exclusive, and 120 different models, the Lafont brothers are a must for those who want to pay for the luxury and chic of designer glasses that they’ll never get tired of…

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