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Dubai’s Billion Dollar Megaprojects

The United Arab Emerate’s economic future looks rich and promising. Let’s dive into Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s most ridiculous megaprojects. Well gloss over the sprawling 272.3M Falcon Island project, the $1.2B Reem Mall, and the $1.4B Royal Atlantis Resort. We’ll talk about the craziest water fountains money can buy that put Las Vegas Casino water shows to shame. We’ll look at the dessert oasis of Hatta, and how $354M will make it into a bucket list location by 2040. Well tell you all about the decade long $3B construction of the Midfield Terminal, which has been struggling to finish because of overspending and ballooning costs. The $136.1M Museum of the Future in Dubai will blow your mind with its robot baristas, UFO landing promo events, and surreal flying silver penguins. The $6.8B Expo 2020 site in Dubai is making world fairs the avant garde science-fictiony event they should be. The $1.5B Meydan One Mall will feature the world’s longest indoor downhill ski trail – an unbelievable feat in a desert country with an average temperature of 86 degrees fahrenheit in the summer months. The $11B Etihad Rail will speed up commerce in the UAE, with transporting freight its number one priority. And the $272.3M Al Qana entertainment complex will have a massive aquarium and will house massive eSports events.

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Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: Jean Bernard
Edited by: Adriano Canella

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00:00 INTRO
00:06 Falcon Island – $272.3M
01:13 Reem Mall – $1.2B
02:51 The Royal Atlantis Resort – $1.4B
06:15 Ain Dubai – $270M
07:43 Hatta Tourism – $354M
09:46 Midfield Terminal – $3B
11:04 Museum of the Future – $136.1M
12:07 Expo 2020 Site – $6.8B
13:20 Meydan One Mall – $1.5B
15:16 Al Qana – $272.3M
16:04 Etihad Rail – $11B
17:14 Mohammed Bin Rashid Library – $272M
17:43 OUTRO

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