Do you really understand luxury in wine (AWRI webinar)

Presenter – Gregoire Patacq (AWRI)
Recorded – 18 August 2016

When it comes to luxury, the wine industry well known for some iconic wines, such as those from Bordeaux or Burgundy, that have continued through the centuries. It seems clear today that those wines have reached a state of luxury, but what are the different characteristics that make them considered as luxury wines? Wine has been made in South-Australia for the past 200 years and the wine industry is one of the most mature in Australia. With 19 distinct wine regions within the state, the diversity of production can now be compared to some winemaking areas of the ‘Old World’. There is also a lot happening within fine wine segment, with the emergence of new fine wines that are today competing with the best top wines in the world. With Penfolds leading the charge of the fine wine industry at a global scale, what is the situation today in South-Australia? Is there an interest in luxury from the wine industry and who are the potential stakeholders? Finally, what could be the arguments and assets Australia could use in order to become competitive at a global scale in the luxury world?

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