Mercedes Made A Private Jet, Here’s How It Looks

Inside The Mercedes Benz Private Jet. Mercedes has officially taken to the sky with a Private Jet, forming a partnership with Lufthansa Technik to take their luxury designs off the ground. Mercedes has always put their luxury engineering into cars, bikes, motorcycles and now private jets. So let’s take a look at what Mercedes’ flagship design has to offer!

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Inside The Mercedes Benz Private Jet
Inside Mercedes’ First Private Jet


The story of Mercedes-Benz taking to the sky goes all the way back to 2015 at the European business aviation convention in Geneva, where Mercedes announced a partnership with Lufthansa Technik, one of the world’s leading providers of technical services for all things aircraft.

The partnership was to design VIP aircraft cabins, developing an innovative, luxurious and integrated cabin for short and medium-haul aircraft.

So basically what we have is Lufthansa Technik, a company with 50 years of experience maintaining, repairing, modifying and overhauling aircraft, and have modified over 100 medium and long-haul aircraft in their day. Working together with Mercedes, an industry giant with almost a hundred years of operation, a company so massive and ubiquitous they have factories on every single continent, except Antarctica… for now.

If you’re not excited to find out what kind of floating palace these two put to the sky, how about you stick around, and by the time we’re done looking at this bad boy, you’ll be just as excited to fly in this thing as I am


The design of this cabin is nothing like your typical aeroplane, no squeezing through the aisle as you make uncomfortable eye contact with everybody, only to sit in someone else’s seat and have to awkwardly get up. No, none of that.

This is a private jet, after all, it comes with a design more akin to a luxurious apartment in the sky, with a lounge area, a kitchen for those particularly long flights, a dining room, an entertainment zone, and a bedroom, amongst other amenities. I’m sure you’re wondering how on earth they can fit all that into one plane, well you’d be surprised.

The Cabin design adapts strongly from the style of the Mercedes AMG GT C, mirroring the cutting edge technology, its exclusivity and of course that beautiful trim finish of the supercar.

That’s not the only car that inspires the design of this private jet. Mercedes also pays homage to one of its classic models, the 1969 Red Pig, by integrating carbon fibre elements as well as a characteristic seat upholstery facelift, elements of the Red pig seeps into the cabin design.

I mean, just walking into the cabin is enough to transport you into a sci-fi movie, although it’s less star wars and more Tom cruise in oblivion. If you haven’t already, by the way, go watch the movie, for the sole purpose of understanding my reference of course.

The futuristic design of the cabin is intended to make you forget you’re about to spend several hours travelling, although when flying in this plane, the journey will be anything but arduous. You’re flying at the peak of luxury, you’re not about to complain about it.

And when I say the peak of luxury I mean it, you won’t be finding these designs in any regular passenger planes. The cabin interiors have a spiral-like layout to them allowing the floors to flow seamlessly to the ceiling. The windows of the cabin are behind black panels that can be controlled electronically allowing you to dim the cabin and shut out the outside world with a push of a button, a feature every shut-in requires in their homes.

And it goes without saying that the controls will be completely touch screen, integrated into the cabin’s beautiful black panels, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The overall design is characterised by the aesthetic appeal embodied in the Mercedes brand. Gordon Wagener, chief design officer praised the design of the cabin calling the spectacular architecture of the interior ”a show of creativity, modernity and a combination of sensual surfaces, clear forms, combined with high-tech features and modern luxury characteristic of Mercedes-Benz design”.

Even though he admits that it was a challenge transferring their design philosophy into the area of aeronautic engineering, I think I speak for everyone when I say they did a pretty good job. And I’m not just saying that so they give me a free ride, wouldn’t turn one down though.

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