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What It’s Like To Be A Billionaire In Peru

What’s it like to be a billionaire in Peru, you ask? There are 6 billionaires in a country of over 33M, and they get to enjoy Peru’s Amazon rainforest, Andean mountain, and 84 ecosystems. The Richest man out of Peru is Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor. He flexes his $5.B fortune quietly, as he grew up in a prominent family. Apparently, showing off is for first gen billionaires. Vito Rodriguez Rodrigues enjoys a $1.4B fortune, while Ana Maria Brescia Cafferata has $1.5B to her name. We’ll also be talking about the beauty brothers – pyramid marketing kingpins Eduardo and Juan Fernando Belmont Anderson – who are worth $1.1B each.

We’ll snoop around Carlos’ $22M 5th Avenue New York apartment, as well as Vito’s French Riviera inspired Florida Keys Mansion. We’ll look at their appliances, business ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and how they actually make money.
Peru is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. 74% of the land is Amazonian rainforest, so we’re going to look at some useful off-road vehicles to ride through the jungle with. We’ll also look at UTV’s for enjoying Peru’s desert, boats to ride along with its 2,000 species of fish. And we’ll look at Peru’s premiere luxury restaurant Central – the world’s number 4 rated restaurant.

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Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: Jean Bernard
Edited by: Alex S.

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00:05 Carlos Rodrigues-Pastor
04:00 Vito Rodriguez Rodriguez
05:52 Ana Maria Brescia Cafferata
07:06 Eduardo Hochschild
07:53 Juan Fernando Belmont Anderson
10:13 Eduardo Belmont Anderson
11:39 Peru’s Lavish Lifestyles
17:05 Wealth and Poverty in Peru

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