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Inside The Life Of A Billionaire Chef

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Working as a billionaire’s private chef will bag you a six-figure salary, but you’ll also have tons of responsibilities to keep you busy. You might be able to live on your employer’s massive estate in your very own guest house, but that could mean going 10-weeks without visiting your family. You can travel all over the world on yachts and private jets, but you’ll have to learn about languages and currency to be able to gather the freshest ingredients wherever you go. And while you might receive gifts like cash and expensive watches, you could also be on-call 18-hours a day. Just ask private chefs like Dean Harper and Michael Harwood, who’ve done everything from prepare caviar and champagne at 1AM to forage on a deserted island for fresh pineapple.

To become good enough for a billionaire to hire you as their private cook, you have to get a culinary degree from a great school like the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. You’ll also need lots of charisma and patience– you might be dealing with rude guests and your responsibilities will include everything from menu planning to cleaning up after yourself. Private chefs also get to work with incredibly expensive ingredients like $12,000 Yubari King Melon, Kobe Beef which costs $1,475 for 5 pounds, or a $25,000 2.2-pound tin of Almas Caviar. From cooking on yachts to preparing the most expensive food, here’s what it’s like working as a billionaire’s personal chef.

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00:42 Impressive salary and trips around the world
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